Bonolo is a small venture offers a simple-stylish batik & tenun hat "suit" you; either for work or whatever you wanted to do after. It comes from a gap between the needs, and the product in the market. Observation indicates that professionals and entrepreneurs do not wear batik that fits their style and personality, while actually thhey are really style-conscious for their appearance for working. Bonolo catch the gap, where the product (design) in the market are not quite they truly wanted. Another main problem facing is the unpleasant experience faced when they are shopping for batik & tenun. Bonolo aims to be a lifestyle brand that offers batik & tenun that suit you, complete with remarkable customer experience. Cheers!

Hi, Bonolo is looking for creative and energetic marketing staff intern to ideate and execute marketing strategies.

The tasks are focused both incl customer engagement and acquisition of customers. You will optimize customer experience in great and unexpected way. 


  • Planning and content development
  • Creating program and activation to strengthen the relationahip with exisiting customers
  • Building creative and effective tactics to acquaire new customers
  • Organizing a scheme to optimize sales
  • Representing Bonolo to tailor new opportunity or collaboratiob with third parties


  • Business background, marketing major, communication study
  • More importantly; responsible, dedicated, with good personality