Gan Kapital

Guest Relation Officer at coworking space


Develop system and template for administrative work
Manage office supplies stock and place orders
Manage office’s invoices and bill to tenant (PNP Indonesia)
Manage and distribute invoices and bill to sub-tenant or captive start-up for commercial expenses
Database gathering and managing to tenant, sub-tenant and candidates of sub-tenant
Provides prominent service to tenant (PNP Indonesia) and sub-tenant (Start up)
Prepare regular reports on expenses and income for office budgets to GK management
Maintain and update company databases
Organize a filing system for important and confidential documents
Answer queries by tenant (PNP Indonesia) and sub-tenant (Start Up)
Maintain and manage arrangement space of office events and workshops for PNP Indonesia
Manage office schedule events and workshops for PNP Indonesia
Manage meeting rooms, if it is required
Manage, distribute and store correspondence (e.g. letters, emails and packages)
Prepare weekly and monthly reports and presentations with statistical data on billing, income and expenses, as assigned
Help to arrange travel to tenant (PNP Indonesia)
Work hand in hand with tenant (PNP Indonesia) and sub-tenant (Start Up)


Able to speak day to day english
Able to run Ms. Office excel, words and ppt
Tech. savvy
Active and responsive
Flexible and open minded
Able to do administrative task (Calculation, input and gathering data

hospitality management